Anderson Behavioral Consulting, LLC is a Christian company committed to creating the best individualized plan for you and your child using various data-based methodologies and approaches to applied behavior analysis.  Serving individuals ages 18 months-18 years.  Although we specialize in autism spectrum disorders, we treat children with a variety of diagnoses (including ADD/ADHD) as well as "typical" children and those with no diagnosis.

"Solving the child at a time"

Anderson Behavioral Consulting provides ABA/VB and other behavioral therapies to children and adolescents throughout Ohio and Kentucky.
We are a non-profit organization that seeks to provide helpful resources to health professionals and educators. Thanks to local businesses like
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Hughes & Coleman that provide kind support we are able to adress the needs of children and adolescents with learning disabilities of all sorts.

Our Philosophies

We believe strongly in the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. This is, that all behavior has a purpose or function and if we know the function (or "why") of the behavior we can then examine the factors that are reinforcing the behavior. If we change the reinforcing elements of the behavior, we can decrease or extinguish unwanted behaviors and increase desired behaviors.

We believe that ANY child can learn when given the supports and resources necessary and when education is individualized to meet their needs. We feel that children learn best in the natural environment and although it is necessary to do some teaching at a table setting, it is at least equally important to incorporate play into the teaching as well as incorporating teaching into everyday situations as to help the child generalize their knowledge.

We feel that parents are an essential part of the learning process and parents will be involved in all decisions made by us. Parents will also be encouraged to become knowledgeable on their child's programs so that they may incorporate them in day-to-day life. We also feel that a child's success is highly dependent on continuity across all environments (home, school, social, therapy, etc.). Because of that importance, we place high regard on collaboration with all people that interact with a child on a regular basis...from family members to care takers to other therapists and teachers.

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