Anderson Behavioral Consulting, LLC is a Christian company committed to creating the best individualized plan for you and your child using various data-based methodologies and approaches to applied behavior analysis.  Serving individuals ages 18 months-18 years.  Although we specialize in autism spectrum disorders, we treat children with a variety of diagnoses (including ADD/ADHD) as well as "typical" children and those with no diagnosis.

About Us

Anderson Behavioral Consulting was started in February 2006 by a teacher who was working part-time as an ABA therapist.
After graduating from Bowling Green State University with her bachelor's degree in special education (with a focus on autism, ABA, and habilitation); Meghan spent two years working as a QMRP (Qualified Mental Retardation Professional), where she ran a total of 4 group homes for indivduals aged 11-76 with a multitude of physical and mental disabilities (including autism, mental retardation, Downs Syndrome, and Fragile X and many other mental health issues such as Bi-polar, obsessive compulsive disorder, and oppositional defiant disorder). During this time, she wrote all the programming (activities of daily living and behavioral programming) for these individuals. This gave Meghan vast experience with many different disabilities. During this time, Meghan confirmed her beliefs that she was meant to work with children and adolescents and sought a job teaching.

While working as a preschool teacher, Meghan Anderson was working evenings and weekends as an ABA therapist because it was something she truly loved to do. As the school year progressed, Meghan was finding herself having to turn away more and more families because there was simply not enough time in a day. When the school year ended, Meghan decided to take up ABA and VB full time. She attended many training seminars and began her courswork to become board certified and obtain her Masters degreen in ABA.

Meghan has over tweleve years of experience working with children and adolescents on all levels of the autism spectrum. Two of these years were spent teaching at an ABA-based (DTT approach) school for children with autism. She also has five years of experience working with children and adolescents with ADD and ADHD.

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