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Parent Testimonials


We thought it would be nice to send a note affirming our satisfaction and peace of mind with the Smart Starts staff. When we were considering enrolling our daughter at Smart Starts, the primary reason was due to the webcam. However, after nearly a year with Smart Starts, the webcam has become secondary. It takes a village to raise one child…and the villagers at 9945 are the cream of the crop!
Submitted by Addys & Sandra

Enrolling my daughter was the best decision my husband and I made. We first entered her into the first school where they cater to only infants through 2 years old. The progress in her speech and communication was immediate. She has now moved onto the next level and transferred to the next campus down the street. She has proven time and time again to us that the bilingual curriculum works and is benefiting her daily life constantly with family and other people in the community. Smart Starts encourages and participates with family oriented gatherings and community services regularly. In my opinion, an exceptional example of an institution molding its young students into ideal citizens that will make a difference in their communities even at age 3.
Submitted by Lisette

My daughter started almost a year ago in the summer program and started the school year right after. She has learned so much through out this year since she started. Placing her in Smart Starts has been one of the best decisions I have made for her education. The teachers and staff truly provide an exceptional education and care to all students. Thank you Smart Starts!
Submitted by Natalie Luque

I'm very happy to have the kids in Smart Starts – I love the program and the staff is great! It's been a short time and I see such a change specially with my youngest – He has become so independent and outgoing. I wish that I would have started my older one in the program earlier…
Submitted by Parent Maria Puig

My child and I have had a wonderful experience with this center. The staff is very polite and they care a great deal for my child. My child has learned so much in such a short time. This center seems to be more like a preschool than a daycare. I highly recommend this center.
Submitted by a parent

Smart start has about 3 locations in the Sunset Area. One of their newest locations is on 9945 Sunset Drive where my daughter attends. I thought that the teachers, staff and the program to be excellent.
Submitted by a parent

My son has been in Smart Starts Day School since he was 6 months old and I must say we have been very lucky to have teachers that care so much for their students. They not only teach the ABC's but they also love and nurture their students. My son loves his teachers and I don't expect that to change. Apart from the teachers they have a wonderful staff that is never to busy to stop and answer a concerned parents question. I highly recommend this school for any parent that wants the best for the child.
Submitted by a parent

Great school. Great, caring teachers and wonderful atmosphere.
Submitted by a parent

Hello, Virginia, Marilyn and Company, very happy to have Lillian at your school. We have received so much from you guys. I could never fully express my appreciation for your part in my daughter's upbringing. She will be a better person from the role you have played in her life. The school has a wonderful atmosphere, teachers & staff as well as great activities that promote a good educational and moral foundation. Would recommend to anyone.
Submitted by Paul Martinez, a parent

My son loves his school. He knows all his classmates by name. His teachers are all excellent educators. His verbal and letter/number recognition has improved tremendously. He comes home singing songs that enforce the lessons learned that day. I am pleased with his progress and look forward to enrolling him for next years' kindergarten class.

If you are looking for a school that has everything and really teaches your child in a fun and happy environment, I strongly recommend Smart Starts Day School.
Submitted by Ann Chapman, mother of James in Pre-K

I would like for your staff to know how professional they have been with my daughter, Sofia Alvarez. My daughter has been enrolled in your school for more than three years; she started on your other school location 9025 Sunset Drive and was transfer when she turned close to three. Today Sophia is 4 years 6 months old and I can be relieved that the care, learning, and attention my daughter received at your school is outstanding. I feel that she is ready to go to elementary school because of Smart Starts Day School.
Submitted by Angela Alvarez, Mother of Sophia in VPK

I am writing a few lines to express my gratitude. Thanks for the wonderful years that my son Ulises M. Otero spent in your school. As a single mom, I didn't have the choice of staying at home to take care of my child. So, finding a good day school was a priority for me. In Smart Starts Ulises found a second home. He started as a tiny baby that had a speech delay and grew, developed and learned to become a bundle of energy that can't stop talking. His Pre-K graduation was a beautiful event that looked like a university graduation. It was a great ceremony, enjoyable to everyone and most memorable to the children. Once again thank you for being a home away from home and most of all for preparing my child for the next stage of life, Kindergarten. I also would like to thank the wonderful teachers that helped him become who he is today.
Submitted by Nora Onate, mother of Ulises in Pre-K

As a parent of a child with a disability, it is difficult to find a school that welcomes your child. After looking at numerous preschools I finally found Smart Starts. They gladly welcomed my daughter without hesitation. Their staff treated her equally to her peers, which I have never experienced in any other school. That's been a very difficult quality to find. My daughter loves to go to school and has excelled since she started there two months ago. While they've created an environment for her to excel academically they have also fostered an atmosphere where she can develop her social skills and talents. Their support clearly shows how much they care, and their interest in helping my child to achieve her goals.
Submitted by Elizabeth Halphen, mother of Amanda in Pre-K


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